Sunday, August 31, 2008

Where's Lake Tahoe?? What Water??

Ben takes Julia out on the kayak!
Ben, Natalie, & Julia getting ready to jump off rocks!
Julia and mommy kayaking... I love the crystal clear blue water!!
Natalie & Julia... August 2008 Lake Tahoe...
Aunt Jennifer @ Lake Tahoe

We took Aunt Jennifer with us to Lake Tahoe when she was here visiting. We were able to swim and kayak. It was a beautiful day. We all had a great time. :) Julia's quote of the day ..... We were unloading the kayaks and putting up our pop up shelter right in front of the water of Lake Tahoe. Julia says, "Daddy... where's Lake Tahoe?" Ben says, "Don't you see all that water there?" Julia says, "What water??"

Oh, And Ben yells @ Natalie in this clip as she attempts to flip over my Kayak!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Vacation Week

Jennifer came to visit for the week. We spent a day in San Francisco. We had fun shopping, eating, and riding around on the trolley cars. What a beautiful city!!!

Carolyn & Jen on the trolley car in San Fran....

This photo was taken while we were riding the trolley car. In the background is the Bay Bridge.

I love this pic. We were on the trolley car as we were passing another trolley car. The cars pass soooo closely together and some people were 'high fiving' each other as we passed by! The people on both trolley cars had to squeeze in close so they wouldn't knock each other off.

Jen smiles on the trolley car...

Jen shopping in Chinatown...

Carolyn just finishing dinner in Chinatown...

Jennifer just finishing dinner in Chinatown...

Jennifer just with Bay Bridge in the background in Chinatown.

The whole time we were there, everywhere we turned... there were tourists from Europe. We went on a Monday. It was just packed with people. I've never seen it so crowded. The trolley car driver told us we were the first Americans he had seen all week. Just tons of people from France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, etc.. The weakness of our dollor makes visiting San Fran a bargain for Europeans. We had sooo much fun.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

Today was Julia's first day of school starting Kindergarten. She was sooo excited. Natalie started 2nd grade today as well. It was a great day. They both got to ride the bus to school. I met the girls up at school & walked them to class.

Julia all ready for her first day of school in Mr Brown's class.

Natalie is ready for her first day of 2nd grade in Mrs Lambert's class.

These sisters are best friends... :)
Waiting for the school bus.... :)
As soon as the bus was pulling up. Julia started running towards it. So basically she almost got hit by the school bus on her first day of school. The poor bus driver almost had a heart attack... So what we learned today.... Never step off the curb until the bus stops & opens its doors... :)

We are ready for school!!!!

Julia Light (the next Nastia Liukin) .... :)

I remember my first day of school in Tucson Arizona at the Carden School. I remember my strawberry shortcake lunchbox. My dad had written me a note on a 3x5 card and wrapped it around a piece of candy. I thought it was a piece of trash and threw it away. :( Dad asked me how my candy was when I got home & I was sooo disappointed!

I made the girls their lunches the night before. Natalie had PB&J and Julia Turkey & Cheese. Julia was very nervous. Ben gave both the girls special Father's Blessings for Family Night on Monday night, the night before school started. It seemed to help. The girls both had a good day. Julia's teacher, Mr Brown, asked a few of the kids how they felt about starting kindergarten. Julia announced to the entire class that she felt sick to her stomach because she was so nervous. She also warned everyone that when she gets nervous, she throws up! Good Times..... Luckily, she didn't throw up today. :)

Then after school, we went to gymnastics. The girls are starting at Auburn Gymnastics with their old coach Natalie Otis. She recently bought her own gym! They had a blast. Natalie has Natalie as her coach again. Julia has Ms Cheryl as her coach. They both did great! It was soo fun to watch them. Julia loves her new leotard. She thinks it makes her look like an Olympic Gymnast. She posed a bit for some pic before we left the house.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Champs Swim Meet

The girls had their last swim meet of the season yesterday. The Champs Meet had all the teams in our league there swimming. Not sure who won the meet, but Natalie & Julia had some personal best times! They both did awesome. What a fun day. I will post some more pics soon.

Julia got her trophy today. I was sleeping because I worked last night. She came running into my room and saying, "Mommy, mommy, look @ my trophy! I'm going to hold it straight up in the air like this (she holds her trophy up high) so I look like a CHAMPION!" Soooo cute.

As I was getting a drink from the fridge, I saw something strange hiding in the corner in the back of the fridge. I moved the milk aside.... Someone strategically hid their stuffed penguin behind the milk! Hmmmm.... I'm guessing Natalie. She likes to place stuffed animals in their more natural habitats. Penguins like it cold. I see the logic! I'll post some pics later.

I am loving Breaking Dawn. It is very addicting, hard to put down!