Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Levi is 6 weeks old

Little Levi is 6 weeks old. He's such a sweet, mellow, cuddly baby. He loves to be held and he loves to EAT...

Levi (2 weeks ago) weighed about 10 lbs. I am sure he's even bigger now. His little cheeks are so chubby and cute. He's no longer in "newborn" diapers... He's in the size 1 size. (growing so fast already... ) He's been to a few outings. He went to his first day at church this past Sunday. He was very well behaved and slept through most of it. He's been to his sister Julia's Gymnastics Christmas program, and to Natalie & Julia's piano recital, and to Natalie & Julia's Christmas singing program at the elementary school. He slept through most all those performances as well. He likes to sleep through noisy situations.

Levi is "sort of" fussy/tired & doesn't want to go to sleep.

Baby Levi in his bouncy seat... 6 wks old!

Natalie's beautiful smile!

Mom & Dad came to visit from TX for Thanksgiving.

Jennifer & Mike came to visit from Provo for Thanksgiving.

Natalie & Julia hold baby Levi on Thanksgiving.

Natalie plays 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas'.

Natalie & Julia had two snow days from school!

Julia at her gymnastics Christmas Performance.

Levi was diagnosed with PKU when he was a few days old. It turns out that his PKU is on the mild side of the spectrum & is called benign hyper-phe. He'll have blood tests to make sure his levels of Phe are safe, but it looks like right now he'll not have to be on a special diet. We are so grateful for this miracle. Levi had to do about one week of the special medical formula mixed with measured amounts of breastmilk. I was neurotic and crazy for the whole 2nd week of his life, measuring out breastmilk and formula into bottles for each day's feedings. What a miracle to get the news that he has the benign form of PKU.