Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

I am so not into taking pictures or blogging lately. Sorry. I started back to work. It has been nice to only work 8 hr shifts. I feel like I am missing half of my brain. I seem to have forgotten all passcodes and door lock combinations and I don't know where anything is. There are some new policies and I am slow at charting and I could go on and on. My patient last night was psychotic. Luckily, she delivered within 45 min and I got her upstairs to Post-Partum as fast as I could. Did you know it is against our hospital's policy for a patient to keep her own placenta? My psychotic patient threw a fit because she wanted to take her placenta home and bury it so she could plant a tree over it. This is granola-ville California!! She can't do that? I personally think it is gross, but whatever.

The tooth fairy is visiting Julia for the first time tonight. She went to the dentist today and begged her to pull her wiggly little tooth on the bottom. Julia had been working on it for weeks to no avail. The dentist kindly abliged and helped Julia out by numbing it with orajel and pulling it. She was so excited. Natalie also had her appointment and was very brave while the dentist removed her spacer. Tonight, I checked on the girls as they were sleeping.... And I found a note next to Julia's pillow. It said, "Dear Tooth Fairy, Could you please give my sister Natalie money for her spacer? Sincerely, Julia" (Only it was written in very mature handwriting for little JULIA to have written... ) I wonder what the tooth fairy will say to that... :)

Julia has changed career choices for when she grows up and states she wants to be a car cleaner. She recently helped me detail my car with armor-all and a Q-Tip. Yes, I know I am crazy... but it felt so good to get that Q-Tip all in the little cracks and have all that dirt come out. It was that or buy a new car. My 99 Rav4 is still running strong with close to 189K miles and I am broke so having a SPOTLESS car makes me feel almost like it is a new car.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not a good day...

It has been a rough day. I've been calling my OB's office since Tuesday asking for a refill on my Zofran (anti-nausea) medication. I won't run out until Saturday-ish, but I am going back to work Sunday night and I really need to have it refilled by then so I can function. I finally got the refill ordered today, Thursday (2 DAYS later), and sent to the pharmacy, but apparently my insurance won't pay for the medication unless I have my Dr send a special note to authorize my need for more than 15 pills a month. (I take this medication 2-3 times per day!) The medical assistant at the OB's office assured me that my MD will return from his vacation Monday morning and work on the special authorization then. I tried to explain that I have to function Sunday night for 8 hours and then sleep all day Monday and then function Monday night for 8 hours. She stated ever so kindly that first thing Monday morning my MD will solve my problem. The problem will start Saturday when I run out of Zofran and I start throwing up until I get more Zofran!!! I begged for the OB covering for my Dr to please write the special note to the insurance co. She said it has to be from my OB & not the on-call OB. (I don't believe her!!! And I plan on asking my OB if this is true!!!) I cried all afternoon. Solution to my problems.... Pay $5 per pill and get a two day supply of Zofran until my MD returns from Vacation. Anyone have any Zofran around you can spare??

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Going to Be a BOY!

It is a boy! At least we are pretty sure it looks like a boy. We are very excited. Natalie & Julia think the sonogram pic looks like an alien. I'll post it later. :)