Monday, April 27, 2009

The Joy in My Journey

We are expecting Baby #3 November 17th 2009. I've been a bit of a recluse these past few weeks. This news has turned my world upside down and brought me to my knees literally worshipping the porcelain throne. The nausea and vomiting have been unrelenting. I was very sick with Natalie & Julia... or so I thought. It is much much worse this time. My Doctor took me off work for a few weeks and at this point I don't see how I can go back. I've had three trips to the ER for IV fluid hydration. When you go 24-48 hours without holding any food or liquid down, it is the only thing that helps. I've lost 15 pounds! That last 15 pounds that just wouldn't come off for the last few years is now gone.

The joy in my journey thus far..... we tried for two years for this one. We are so grateful that we get the opportunity to have another child in our family. We are very excited. Also good news that it is just one kid and it looks healthy so far. (Which is more than I can say for myself.) We have wonderful family support and a great branch of the church bringing in meals and cleaning my house these last couple weeks. My husband does everything. He's not working right now. (Yes God has very amusing timing.) So he spends his day getting the kids off to school and to their various activities and looking for work and of course, taking care of me. This last week has been better. I can hold at least one and sometimes two meals a day down. I am living on Gatorade. I can keep 1-2 quarts a day down these last few days. I am 11 weeks along and that means 25% of the way there!!! I am starting to see some glimmers of light at the end of my tunnel.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Lion

Natalie won 1st place in an art contest for the whole county. Her painting then went on to state to win 2nd place! We are so proud of our little artist. Natalie used black marker and watercolor pencil. The art contest was sponsered by the California Federation of Women's Club. Her painting is titled "The Lion." Way to go Natalie!!!