Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on Dad and Ben & Girls Ditch School

Dad is doing well. He has had 3 doses of Chemo so far and 3 more to go, they are given every 3 weeks. Today he will be going in for a PET scan. This will tell him if the tumors are shrinking. He will get the results back in about a week. Eventhough dad gets tired easily, he is still going to work at EDS and does what he can around the house. While I was visiting, he cleaned the pool and worked in the yard. We also went grocery shopping, I had to help him pick out a new freezer for the garage since the old one in the garage died. I enjoyed my visit with my whole family. We played our favorite game, Monopoly. (I won!)

I also got to visit with my good friend, Ms. Erica. We had fun reminiscing old times at the Abbey waiting tables. Alas, the Abbey has since closed and we had to settle for Cheesecake Factory. It was very good. Church was good too. I enjoyed seeing old friends and catching up. Great talks too.

While I was in Texas, Ben took the girls out of school this past Friday to go snow skiing. He informed Natalie that it is only OK to ditch school if it is for something important (like skiing). He took some great video clips of the girls skiing. I am always amazed at how well Ben skis, he is a born natural! The girls take after Ben when it comes to skiing. They are improving tremendously every time they go up. Last season they used a devise called an "edgy-wedgie" which hooks to the tips of each ski and connected them with a rubber band. This prevents the skis from getting a mind of there own and going in different directions. Halfway through the day Natalie wanted to try to ski without the edgy-wedgie. After only a half of a run and about 3 crashes Natalie begged Ben to reattach the edgy-wedgie. Julia, being the independent girl she is, instantly decided that she wanted to try skiing without her edgy-wedgie. Julia skied perfectly. Ben congratulated her and informed her that skiing without the edgy-wedgie was equal to riding a bike and getting rid of the training wheels. Upon hearing this and not ready to be one upped by her younger sister, Natalie instantly needed the edgy-wedgie removed also. She some times needs to be one upped by her younger sister. This keeps her out of her comfort zone. Ben decided to leave the ski resort a little early do to the fact Julia woke up that morning with a small case of pink eye. Ben said that Julia insisted that she didn't want to miss skiing in order to go and sit in a stinky stale doctors office just to be told she something she already knows. That she has pink eye. She said she would much rather be up skiing in fresh powder on a bright blue 50 degree day breathing high altitude fresh Sierra air. So on the way down the mountain, Ben called in to the Pediatrician Julia's symptoms and they called in a prescription.

Quote of the Day: Upon leaving the resort Natalie told Ben,"dad I love ditching school!" Like father like daughter....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Natalie & Julia Skipped School Today!

Ben sent me this pic today. He's trying to make me jealous. The girls can ski without the edgy-wedgy. It was the perfect ski day according to Ben. Sunny, blue skies, and great snow. Ben took the girls to Donner Ski Ranch. We solved a mini crisis here at the Nichols' house. The large freezer in my parent's garage broke. It had all of the wedding cakes in it that my mom has been making for Jen's wedding. So dad & I rushed out to Lowe's and bought a new freezer that will be delivered tomorrow. We also bought a few blocks of dry ice to keep in the old freezer to keep the cakes frozen. Fun times. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home for a visit

I'm coming home for a visit this weekend. It has been a very busy week at the new job. I am exhausted. I'll sleep on the plane. :) See ya soon Dad!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pretty Snow

The pine trees all covered in snow with the sun coming out. I just love driving through our beautiful town any season of the year. :)

Been Busy Working

It has been a very busy week at the new job. I am learning a lot of new charting and where to find things. It is a fun job! I'm very blessed. I am on my feet non-stop. I think I'll be buying a new pair of shoes here soon. :) The girls have had fun playing in the snow over the past weekend. See Grandma Light's Blog for fun photos of Natalie & Julia. I had to drive Ben's truck to work this weekend because of all the crazy snow. But am home safe and all is well. --Carolyn

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Sunday with Cytotec Nachos

Every pregnant lady due on or around Feb 1st must have shared the same plate of Cytotec Nachos while watching the super bowl... They all came streaming in to the Birth Center Sunday Evening..(as soon as the game was over). We had a crazy busy night for our tiny unit. Then of course they all delivered Monday and that made Monday night busy with tons of post partum patients. Crazy... So Monday night our unit was completely full with all these post partum patients and screaming babies everywhere. Ahhhh.... We survived and we are grateful for the business. We've spent the last month watching various episodes of The Office, Lost, 24, Heroes... and to be honest (kinda bored). I start my new job next week. No more Trauma-Neuro ICU. I will be doing strictly Labor & Delivery. It's called 'Happy Nursing.'