Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Place

So we recently moved to Washington state. We're loving it. There are some changes for sure and I really don't do CHANGE very well. But I'll get used to it. The girls started a new school a few weeks ago. I started a new job. Ben started a new job. We are living in an apartment until we find a house. Lots of change. Lots to get used to. :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fast Forward

My life feels like the fast forward button got pushed. Everything has flown by so quickly since I started back to work in January. I've been picking up lots of extra shifts at work & essentially turned my part time job into a full time job. Ben's been able to keep up with all the girls' activities while taking care of baby Levi when I'm working the noc shift & sleeping during the day. As these days fly by... my Natalie has turned into a beautiful little lady. She's taking a dance class on Mondays that I never get to see her do. I know she enjoys being with her best friend who is also in the class. Tuesdays my sweet, tender-hearted Julia goes to ballet class... which I've never been able to watch her do. Twice a month (on Tuesdays) I teach the Activity Day girls ages 8-11 in our Branch. Ben drives the ballet run and picks up Activity Day girls from school & I wake myself up to plan and do the activity every other Tuesday... but I miss watching the ballet class. On Wednesdays Juls has her gymnastics class. I totally love gymnastics & I miss being able to watch Juls in her gymnastics. She's very good and shows me her new gym skills all the time. But I miss watching her. I missed Levi rolling over from his tummy to his back for the first time.... I cried when Ben told me how he had rolled over. I told Ben that from now on... Levi is not allowed to do anything for the first time without me. If he does something new... don't tell me. Pretend that when I see it.. It's the First TIME he's ever done it. Life isn't always what you planned it to be, but I feel like I am missing out on my own life. It makes me sad. Fast forward... Levi is 4 months old now. He smiles and laughs.. He loves his mommy and his daddy. He is such a good baby. He loves going on walks with his daddy in the stroller. I need a bit more balance in my life. Less working and more time with my children, husband, & family. New goal. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back to Work

Went back to work on Thursday night. Levi is 8 weeks old. He's so cuddly and has adorable chubby cheeks. LOVE THEM... He's starting to smile and will occasionally laugh. So Thursday during the day I tried to sleep in with the baby in bed next to me. He's so sweet. Then I got about an hour or so nap before going to work @ 11pm. I had one delivery, helped with another delivery, then got the AM c-section patient ready to go. They started this new thing at work when someone comes back from a Leave of Absence, they gave me an "orientation" day. Loved it! Jessica did all my charting & I did the manual labor stuff. My password for the computer charting wouldn't work anyway. Hope to get that resolved soon. It was nice to be able to pump twice at work during my two breaks. I came home Friday morning arouond 8:30am and snuggled my baby all day while 'sort of' trying to sleep. I think I missed Levi so much that I felt I had to make up for the 9 hours we spent apart. I held him in my arms and loved him all day.... and the next day too.... Today was hard to dust & vacuum house, do dishes, sweep & mop the floor, do all laundry... while wearing my baby in my front-pack... Oh & went to Target to buy a new mop, and a b-day present for Nat's friend. I am oh so tired... but my room is messy. The baby is in his own bed right now. I finally put him down.... I think I'll leave 'my room' for tomorrow. Ben's in CO right now on a job interview. My brain is so fragmented. It is time for bed. I love my baby boy. :)