Thursday, March 3, 2011

My life is boring...

Wow... I am such a lame blogger. But things are boring. We live out here in Spokane. And I haven't discovered any cool fun things to do. I basically work and drive my kids to & from school. And go grocery shopping. Everything is very close together. 3 minutes to the school to drive or 10 minutes to walk. And I drive because it is freakin' COLD!

Ben is loving his job. Each day that passes has shown me that his job has been truly a gift from Heavenly Father. He's taking advantage of the educational opportunities and will be starting school part time either this summer or fall.

The girls are in a great school with great teachers and making nice friends. Natalie loves her dance class & Julia loves her gymnastics class. Levi is growing so fast & is now 15 months old. He hasn't had any PKU issues. Our metabolic Dr in Sacramento said he didn't need to see us anymore & no followup would be needed here in Spokane. His Pediatrician here in Spokane just did a PHE level last week per my request and I'll be surprised if its elevated. Levi's development has been normal and he's a bright, sweet, cuddly little boy. He loves to be read to. He loves music. He understands quite a bit, but he's not the most verbal yet. :)

My work is taking some getting used to. There are some cool things about it. It is a LDRP which means I get to care for the laboring mom & then the mom & baby after delivery. Some days I have post partum moms and babies, some days I have antepartums. It doesn't get boring. Some patients are what I call a "one night stand." This means they whine soooo much and complain soooo much and drive a nurse crazy that even though you had them last night... you have therefore done your time and are not required to ever have them again. Who cares about continuity of care. They are a ONE NIGHT STAND. A fellow nurse had one such patient. Her room was the farthest room from the nurses station and took quite a hike to get down there. She would often use her call light to send for her nurse. And then have her nurse make several trips in with ice, pain meds, formula, extra blanket, pillows, etc etc... Her best line was when she called the nurse to come to her room. When the nurse got there, she stated that when she flushed her toilet, the noise would startle her baby. She asked if the nurse would please flush the toilet while she stood in the farthest corner of the room holding her baby so the noise wouldn't startle her. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? That was my favorite line. Classic ONE NIGHT STAND of a patient.

Well there's a quick update on my boring life. I'll try to be a better blogger.

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Steve and Kim said...

Hi...I was cleaning up my bookmarks and found your blog again! Your girls look just darling, yet somehow look just like I remember them! And Levi is a cutie too! Sounds like the girls are busy and happy. Glad you both have jobs and hope you are liking Washington! Anyway, I was glad to hear about your cute family again - take care - Kim Asp